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By Gennady Estraikh, Hasia R. Diner

ISBN-10: 0814720218

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Winner of the 2013 nationwide Jewish publication Award, Anthologies and Collections

The yr 1929 represents an immense turning aspect in interwar Jewish society, proving to be a 12 months while Jews, despite the place they lived, observed themselves laid low with advancements that happened around the globe, because the crises persevered by way of different Jews turned a part of the transnational Jewish attention. within the usa, the inventory marketplace crash introduced lasting fiscal, social, and ideological alterations to the Jewish neighborhood and constrained its skill to help humanitarian and nationalist tasks in different international locations. In Palestine, the anti-Jewish riots in Hebron and different cities underscored the vulnerability of the Zionist company and ignited heated discussions between a variety of Jewish political teams concerning the knowledge of creating a Jewish kingdom on its historic website. while, within the Soviet Union, the consolidation of strength within the arms of Stalin created a way more dogmatic weather within the overseas Communist stream, together with its Jewish branches.

Featuring a gleaming array of students of Jewish historical past, 1929 surveys the Jewish global in a single 12 months supplying transparent examples of the transnational connections which associated Jews to every other—from politics, international relations, and philanthropy to literature, tradition, and the destiny of Yiddish—regardless of the place they lived. Taken jointly, the essays in 1929 argue that, no matter if American, Soviet, German, Polish, or Palestinian, Jews during the global lived in an international context.

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