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By Jonathan Knight

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There seems no strong possibility that the author of 2 Peter used 1 Clement or vice versa. The connection between the two letters is rather to be explained as the use of common material which circulated in the Roman church in the later first century ce. 14), which, tradition has it, took place in Rome. The letter perhaps represents a missive sent by the Roman church, like 1 Clement (which was addressed to Corinth), to a church or churches for which it felt concern. It was written to reassure readers that what the apostles had said was true (especially about eschatology).

There is a textual problem here: some important manuscripts have 'Jesus', and one papyrus 'Christ the God'. 2. Reading Jude 43 It has been disputed in the commentaries whether the term 'Lord' refers to God or to the pre-existent Christ. It is probably best to suppose that author wrote 'Lord' which was then corrected to 'Jesus' and to 'Christ' by the manuscript tradition. It is likely that Jude thought of 'the Lord' in this context as 'God' but it is easy to understand why the early scribes thought that he should have written 'Jesus'.

Readers were further reminded to keep themselves in God's love (v. 21). This interesting phrase again raises the issue of authority as the author saw it. God's love demanded a response from people which it is implied that only those who accepted the author's own position were actually making (or indeed could make). This phrase, like the earlier polemic, conveys the impression that the teachers had moved themselves outside the sphere of God's love, just as they had effectively denied the possibility of grace (v.

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