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The Dictionary of old close to jap Mythology covers resources from Mesopotamia, Syro-Palestine and Anatolia, from round 2800 to three hundred BC. It includes entries on gods and goddesses, giving proof in their worship in temples, describing their 'character', as documented via the texts, and defining their roles in the physique of mythological narratives; synoptic entries on myths, giving where of starting place of major texts and a short heritage in their transmission during the a while; and entries explaining using professional terminology, for things like different types of Sumerian texts or varieties of mythological figures.

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Ebeling RLAI 1932, 196–8; Roberts 1972, 14f 17 B Baal (see figure 5) Title of several West Semitic gods; b’l means ‘lord, master’. Most of the gods bearing this name were Weather-gods and have very similar characteristics. They can be distinguished from one another by their epithets which refer to individual cities or mountains, the traditional dwellings of weather-gods. Baal-Zephon, for instance, lived on the Jebel el-Aqra in Syria. He had temples in Ugarit and was worshipped in XlXth dynasty Egypt.

It seems that Enki’s creative potential, like that of the Apsu, is inert and has to be activated by the goddesses. He is cursed by Ninhursag as well as Ninmah for his intellectual arrogance and directly challenged by Inanna (see also Inanna and Enki), to whom he is otherwise well-disposed. Enki was one of the major Mesopotamian gods and this is also reflected by his official position in the pantheon. In most god lists he occupies the third rank after An and Enlil, his only rival being the Mother-goddess.

She demands that he does something about Baal’s house, since Baal is now ‘our king, our judge, nobody is over him’. El seems to prevaricate [gap] and somebody, maybe Aštart, El’s wife, decides to send for Kothar-andHasis, the Clever Craftsman, who dwells in Egypt. [gap] According to col. 1, Anat is in trouble because other, envious gods seem to harass her. El promises to put a spell on them and tells her to come with a ‘list of lapislazuli, a list of gold’. [gap] Fragment III contains the commission for Kothar-and-Hasis, who promptly departs from Egypt.

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