Download e-book for kindle: A Study of Daoist Acupuncture & Moxibustion by Cheng-Tsai Liu, Liu Zheng-Cai, Ka Hua

By Cheng-Tsai Liu, Liu Zheng-Cai, Ka Hua

ISBN-10: 0585122903

ISBN-13: 9780585122908

ISBN-10: 189184508X

ISBN-13: 9781891845086

The writer, Dr. Liu Zheng-cai, is helping make clear what the in particular Daoist contributions to the perform of acupuncture really are. integrated during this publication are a number of brief biographies of Daoist physicians, distinct reasons at the medical use of such chrono-acupuncture strategies as midday/midnight aspect choice and the magic turtle 8 tools, moxibustion ideas for durability and emergencies, and different mystery Daoist acupuncture lore. 260 pages. (7X10" structure)

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54 GENERALISED BODY PAIN HERBAL TREATMENT Explanations Prescription • LI-4, the Source point of the Large Intestine channel, eliminates the Damp-Heat by promoting sweating. • LU-7, the Connecting point of the Lung channel, regulates the Lung-Qi in order to eliminate the Damp-Heat. • IE-5, the Connecting point of the Triple Burner channel, promotes the circulation of Qi and relieves the pain. • LR-4, the River point of the Liver channel, eliminates the Damp-Heat in this channel. • SP-9, the Sea point of the Spleen channel, removes the Damp-Heat by promoting urination.

The nature of Cold is contracting, so it may depress the Defensive Qi and lead to obstruction in the channels, muscles and tendons. Wind exists in every season, being able to invade the superficial layers and the upper part of the human body easily. When there is an invasion of External Wind-Cold in the body, the Qi and Blood will not be able to circulate freely to nourish the body and there will be contraction of the channels, muscles and tendons, leading to stagnation of Qi and Blood. This may cause pain throughout the body.

It is caused either by invasion of Exogenous Cold, or by accumulation of Cold, stagnation of Qi, or some substantial blockage such as stones, sand, stagnant Blood or Phlegm. Pain with fixed location This type of pain can be caused either by stagnation of Blood, or by invasion of Exogenous Damp, or by accumulation of Damp in the body. If the pain is due to stagnation of Blood there is a stabbing pain, aggravation of the pain at night and when the person remains in a still position. If it is caused by invasion of Exogenous Damp there is an aversion to cold, slight sweating, a feeling of heaviness in the limbs and trunk, and headache.

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