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By David Trobisch

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This advisor introduces the complicated re-creation of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece, 28 variation, explaining its constitution, the text-critical gear and appendices, and the recommendations of the recent version.

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EXERCISES AND LEARNING AIDS 37 I have put together ten tables for you. The first table contains numbers that reference the parallels in all four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The second table correlates the parallels in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, … the fifth correlates the parallels in Matthew and Luke, [and] … the tenth marks textual passages that are only in one Gospel. This is the structure of the tables. They are best used the following way: within the text of the four Gospels numbers have been added that count the sections of each Gospel from beginning to end; at the beginning of each book they start with the numbers one, two, three, until they reach the end of the book.

Concrete examples shall highlight some of these issues. Example: Romans 15:31 in ????46 The text in Romans 15:31 and the corresponding apparatus is reproduced in NA28 as follows (514): The editors rank ????46 among the consistently cited witnesses for the text of Romans (63*), and the appendix does not reference a gap for this passage in ????46 (794–95). Of the four places where the editors reference variants, ????46 supports the version reproduced in the text of NA28 three times, and only once does it support the variant noted in the apparatus (ελθω instead of ελθων in 15:32).

To make these new results also accessible to readers of NA28, a degree of inconsistency could not be avoided. Future editions of the Nestle-Aland will reflect the same editorial innovations for the other New Testament writings as soon as that information becomes available. The editors also introduced a new critical sign, a rhomb (♦), to indicate textual variants for which the decision, whether a reading should go in the text or in the apparatus, could not be reached with the desired certainty. For example, James 1:22 leaves open whether the initial text offered μονον ακροαται or ακροαται μονον.

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