Abhidhamma in Daily Life by Nina Van Gorkom PDF

By Nina Van Gorkom

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ISBN-13: 9781897633175

Is an exposition of absolute realities intimately. Abhidhamma capability better doctrine and the book's objective is to motivate the correct program of Buddhism for you to get rid of fallacious view and finally all defilements. Many phrases in Pali the language of early Buddhism are used and are outlined as they're brought. the e-book is accordingly compatible for newbies in addition to working towards Buddhists. it truly is specified and distinctive and a useful relief to unlocking the deep that means of the whole Buddhist canon and using the speculation to our day-by-day lives for the good thing about ourselves and others

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At the end of a word is pronounced as “ng”. 42 CHAPTER 4. hi which are sasankh¯ for example, when one, though at first not attached to alcoholic drink, takes pleasure in it after someone else persuades one to drink. ¯ As we have seen, lobha-mula-cittas can be accompanied by pleas¯ ant feeling or by indifferent feeling. hi, accompanied by pleasant feeling, can arise, for example, when we enjoy ourselves while seeing a beautiful colour or hearing an agreeable sound. At such moments we can be attached without wrong view about realities.

We all have accumulated many impure inclinations and defilements (in P¯ali: kilesa). Defilements are for example greed or attachment (lobha), anger (dosa) and ignorance (moha). There are different degrees of defilements: there are subtle defilements or latent tendencies, medium defilements and gross defilements. Subtle defilements do not appear with the citta, but they are latent tendencies which are accumulated and lie dormant in the citta. At the time we are asleep and not dreaming, there are no akusala cittas but there are unwholesome latent tendencies.

Feeling (vedan¯a) is a cetasika which arises with every citta. When the citta is akusala, the feeling is also akusala, and when the citta is kusala, the feeling is also kusala. We may be able to know the difference between the characteristic of the pleasant feeling arising when we are attached to an agreeable sight 37 or sound, and the characteristic of the pleasant feeling arising when we are generous. The Buddha pointed out that lobha brings sorrow. When we have lose people who are dear to us or when we lose the things we enjoy, we have sorrow.

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