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By Leslie J. DeGroot (auth.), Barry B. Bercu, Dorothy I. Shulman (eds.)

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Perinatal difficulties in thyroid gland body structure are universal yet advanced and current a diagnostic issue for the first clinician. In December 1990, a global staff of simple and scientific investigators accrued in Longboat Key, Florida to deal with those concerns. The contributors incorporated internists, obstetricians, pedia­ tricians, neurologists, pathologists and simple scientists in mobile metabolism, endocrine body structure, and molecular biology. The displays contained inside this ebook assemble their most modern and very important examine with regards to the sector of perinatal thyroidology. This booklet relies at the dynamic and fruitful alternate of the individuals on the symposium. we're indebted to those members whose important insights and efforts are contained inside of this article. Barry B. Bercu Dorothy I. Shulman vii CONTENTS consultation I Mechanism of Thyroid Hormone motion 1 Leslie J. DeGroot Thyroid approach Ontogeny within the Sheep: A version for Precocial Mammalian Species • . . • • eleven Delbert A. Fisher Pathologic reviews of Fetal Thyroid 27 improvement • • • • • • • Douglas R. Shanklin Thyroid Hormone keep an eye on of mind and Motor improvement: Molecular, Neuroanatomical, forty seven and Behavioral reports • • • • • • • S. A. Stein, P. M. Adams, D. R. Shanklin, G. A. Mihailoff, and M. B. Palnitkar The Thyroidectomized Pregnant Rat: An Animal version to check Fetal results of Maternal Hypothyroidism 107 Susan P. Porterfield and Chester E.

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1967), in a median diverticulum of the ventral wall of the pharynx [Gray, 1948]. Contribution of cells from the ultimobranchial bodies was suggested by Loewenstein and Wollman in 1970 with this distribution: 1. Centrilobular follicles and those adjacent to the parathyroid glands from the ultimobranchial bodies. 2. Peripheral follicles and those of the isthmus from the ventral pharyngeal pouch. B. 1. Shulman, Plenum Press, New York. SHANKUN That this distinction may be more apparent than real is :ndicated by the observation that ultimobranchial bodies are merely the final derivatives of the left and rlght 5th pharyngeal pouches with possible contributions from the 4th pouches.

Endocrinology 111:132-135 (1982). Mano MT, Potter BJ, Belling GB, Martin ON, Gragg BG, THYROID SYSTEM ONTOGENY IN THE SHEEP 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 25 Chavadej J, Hetzel BS. The effect of thyroxine, 3,5, dimethyl-3'-isopropy1-1-thyroxine and iodized 9i1 on fetal brain development in the iodine-deficient sheep. Acta Endocrino1ogica 121:7-15 (1989). Wu SY, Fisher DA, Polk D, Chopra IJ. Maturation of thyroid hormone metabolism, In: Wu SY, Hershman JM, Eds, Thyroid Hormone Metabolism: Regulation and clinical implications, Blackwell Scientific, New York, in press.

For the thyroid, the follicular structure requires also that the stored material, thyroglobulin, be transported back across the epithelium for much of the endocrine (vascular secretory) function [Pantic, 1974]. The possibility of distinguishing follicles which arise from ultimobranchial bodies [Gorbman, 1949; Sehe, 1966] comes from the observation of Wetzel and Wollman [1969] of centrilobar follicles with unusual cells and foamy colloid. There is evidence for a second type of follicle from studies on the C3H/HeN mouse [Dunn, 1944; Gorbman, 1947a, 1947b,; Wetzel and Wollman, 1966; Wetzel and Wollman, 1969; and Neve and Wollman, 1972].

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