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By United States Army Air Forces.

A global conflict army background.

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General Patton's spearheads were constantly running off the map, even though it was maintained on boards aggregating 16 feet long and 8 feet high. Accordingly, the i: 25o,ooo map was substituted and served satisfactorily. -Reconnaissance, intelligence technique, and teamwork between the A- 3 and A-2 sections improved materially in the course of the month, an improvement reflected in the results achieved in hunting down the enemy's air force and catching his aircraft on the ground, in attacking enemy transport attempting to escape into Germany from south of the Loire, and in providing direct cooperation with the ground forces.

A warm wave in conjunction with a cold front caused low ceilings and rain over the entire northern portion of France, restricting air operations to a single uneventful reconnaissance sortie flown along the Loire in the Angers area. 22 August Increasing vulnerability of the GAF, driven from some of its best fields to landing grounds north and northeast of Paris, wag demonstrated when XIX TAC fighters destroyed 20 enemy fighters for the loss of i. Complete claims were 16-3-i in the air and 4--0-4 on the ground.

XIX TAC thoroughly tested the trackless, high-velocity, 5-inch rocket under combat conditions. It was accurate and especially effective against tanks, armored vehicles, locomotives, and gun posi45 tions. It was found to add little to the plane in weight and to detract little in speed and, considering its flexibility, it was regarded by XIX TAC as an extremely valuable tactical weapon. -The practice of assigning to one fighterbomber group the task of providing continuous cover for one armored column during daylight hours proved most satisfactory.

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