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Like the magazine TOPOl, the TOPOl Library is predicated at the assumption that philosophy is a full of life, provocative, pleasant job, which regularly demanding situations our inherited conduct, painstakingly elaborates on how issues should be diversified, in different tales, in counterfactual events, in substitute attainable worlds. no matter what its ideology, no matter if with the motive of uncovering a more true constitution of truth or of capturing our nervousness, of revealing myths or of following them via, the result of philosophical task is usually the destabilizing, unsettling iteration of doubts, of objections, of criticisms. It follows that this task is intrinsically a discussion, that philosophy is firstly philosophical dialogue, that it calls for bringing out conflicting issues of view, paying cautious, sympathetic consciousness to their constitution, and utilizing this dialectic to articulate one's process, to make it richer, extra considerate, extra open to version and play. And it follows that the spirit which one brings to this task has to be one among tolerance, of regularly suspecting one's personal blindness and hence taking a look with impartial eye in each comer, with out fearing to go a (fallible) judgment on what's there but in addition with out failing to teach curiosity and respect.

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I write U and instead of U\; and respectively. n n\;. FOUNDATIONS 41 [Proof Consider (4). c is true by definition. c has a supremum UX, define a model MU=(dU,hu,Iu) by setting (i) dU(~,t)=U{d(~,t): MEX} for all (~,t)EVd, (ii) hU(x,y)=U{h(x,y): MEX} for all (x,y)EVh, and (iii) Itu=U{It : MEX} for all tEVE. rties is an extension of MU itself. Hence MU=UX. c-K. -maximal in X}. c. -upper bound in X (just take the model Mn=nZ, defined in analogy to M U above), it also follows that Y;c 0 (by Zorn's Lemma).

4. 4. £, and k~ 2 a finite ordinal (we shall think of k as a set of truth-values, with k ordering k in terms of increasing truthfulness). £ if and only if Do=k. I. as the joint denial connective 'neither ... nor' relative to the given set of truth-values. 4(A). I. 22) 21 Since M may not be sharp, h(h(d(~,t),x),y)(c) will be well-defined only if d(~,t)e 1(0,(0,0», h(d(~,t), x)e 1(0,0), and h(h(d(~,t), x),y)e 1 0; similar considerations ap- ply to examples (B) and (C) below. 22 See above, note 9.

On (4')-(6'). Yet one could observe that the relevant notions of completion and constriction are exceedingly strict.

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