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By Keith Ansell-Pearson

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It is a vigorous and fascinating advent to the contentious subject of Nietzsche's politics, tracing the advance of his considering and confronting at once his appropriation via the Nazis. the major rules of the need to energy, everlasting go back and the overman are mentioned and all Nietzsche's significant works analyzed intimately. This textbook may be crucial for all scholars of Nietzsche and of the historical past of political principles. It features a chronology of Nietzsche's existence and works, and a consultant to additional analyzing.

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One of the problems facing Nietzsche's doctrine of perspectivism is that the interpretative pluralism it seems to be promoting - the view which holds that there is no single truth about the world, but only different interpretations which serve the need of ascending and descending forms of life - can easily degenerate into a theoretical anarchism in which all claims to truth are taken to be nothing A question of style 19 more than expressions of an assertive will to power possessing equal validity.

It fails to see that politics is simply a means to an end, that of the production of true or great human beings and the perpetual self-overcoming of'man'. Nietzsche's individualism is best understood, therefore, as an aristocratic, not a liberal, individualism. As he himself tells us, his philosophy 'aims at an ordering of rank, not an individualistic morality' (WP287). His thinking departs from liberalism in a number of key respects. Unlike liberalism, Nietzsche does not hold that the individual person is inviolable and human life sacrosanct.

What an inquiry into the origin of morals, of good and evil, discovers is that the original positing of values was nihilistic since it rested on belief in a 'beyond' which transcended contingency, 'becoming', and history (from Plato's theory of forms to Kant's noumenal reality of the thing-in-itself), and which served to denigrate and devalue earthly, mortal, suffering life. One way of understanding Nietzsche's characterisation of the experience of nihilism as a psychological experience of weariness, distrust, apathy, and hopelessness, is by reflecting on some recent events in our own time, such as the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and its existential impact on committed socialists and Marxists.

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