Andrew R. Carlson's Anarchism in Germany Volume I: The Early Years PDF

By Andrew R. Carlson

ISBN-10: 0810804840

ISBN-13: 9780810804845

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1 much fear that you have seen this writer in a false light, and 1 appeal, my dear Monsieur Marx, to your reconsid­ eration. G. finds himself in exile, without any money but with a wife and two children and nothing to live on Spiritual Ancestors 29 but his pen. What is there for him to make his living out of, if not by exploiting modern ideas ? Ah, if we were all millionaires, things would be different; we should all be saints and angels. But one must live, that is to say, buy bread and meat and fuel, pay for one's lodging; and, good heavens, the man who sells a sermon.

Arriving in Cologne in 1843 he m et Moses Hess and became editor of Sprechers . Late r in the fall of the same year he collaborated on publishing the Trierschen Z eitung, eventually getting the controlling influence in his own hands . In April of 1844 he left for Bielefeld where he continued his writing. 5 1 While in Cologne Grtin met Engels through his friendship with Hess. Engels wrote to Marx, who was in Paris, that GrUn was leaving for Paris and "will have something to say to you on the tactics of the people.

George Wood cock, Anarchism (Cleveland and New York, 1962) , pp. 1 5 2 - 1 5 3, 428 -429 . 40 . On the life of Hess see; Edmund Silberner, Moses Hess Geschichte seines Lebens (Leiden, 1 966); T heodore Z lociste, Moses Hess jUdische Schriften ( Berlin, 1905); Theodore Z l ociste, Moses Hess, der Vorkampfer d es S ozialismus und Z i onismus (Berlin, 1922) . ) , Ausgewahlte Schriften ( Kaln, 1962) ; August C ornu and Wolfgang MBnke (ed s . ) , Moses Hess Briefwechsel ( S'Gravenhage , 1959) . 4 1 .

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