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By Fredrick J. Long

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Pauline scholarship has quite often interpreted 2 Corinthians as a later editorial composite of a number of letters. Fredrick lengthy situates the textual content inside of Classical literary and rhetorical conventions and argues for its harmony dependent upon a number of parallels with historical apology within the culture of Andocides, Socrates, Isocrates and Demosthenes. He presents a complete survey and rigorous style research of historical forensic discourse in aid of his claims, and demonstrates how the unified message of Paul's letter could be recovered.

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For my purposes, there is ample information to study the form and character of forensic rhetoric through extant Greco-Roman handbooks, speeches, letters, and educational exercises. These works are catalogued below. Searches of many Greek texts were conducted using the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Disk D by the TLG Project, University of California, Irvine. Also, English, Greek, and Latin citations from ancient sources are taken from the LCL editions of any particular Greek or Latin author, unless so stated.

9), and On the Estate of Aristarchus (Isae. 10); Isocrates’ Trapeziticus (Isoc. 17), Against Callimachus (Isoc. 18), Against Lochites (Isoc. 20), and Against Euthynus (Isoc. 21); Lycurgus’ Against Leocrates (Lycurg. ); and Lysias’ Against Andocides (Lys. 6), Accusation of Calumny against Fellow Members of a Society (Lys. 8), Against Theomnestus I (Lys. 10), Against Theomnestus II (Lys. 11), Against Eratosthenes (Lys. 12), Against Agoratus (Lys. 13), Against Alcibiades I (Lys. 14), Against Alcibiades II (Lys.

21–35 (Veltman, 1978, pp. 243–56, who also discusses defense speeches in Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, and Appian). More speeches could be located, especially accusatory ones, within ancient historical narratives (for deliberative speeches see M. Mitchell, 1991, pp. 21–22; for speeches in Thucydides see West, 1973). Speeches within comedies Forensic: Aristophanes’ Nubes (Ar. ) 1353–90, 1399–1452 and Vespae (Ar. ) 907–30, 950–79; Deliberative: Aristophanes’ Aves (Ar. ) 467–626; Ecclesiazusae (Ar.

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