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21 ; Scharrer and Scharrer, 1954 b). not fused. T h e stomatogastric, or visceral, nervous system arises from the stomodaeal ectoderm, and has paired nerves from the tritocerebrum, a median frontal ganglion (Fr. gang), a branch to the labrum (Lbr) and a recurrent nerve to the hypocerebral ganglion (Hy) and the paired ventricular ganglia on the gut (near Oes). ). Secretions from these pass in two paired nerves to be stored in the CORPORA CARDIACA (CC), which arise from stomodaeal ectoderm (dashed arrow).

Ii Vent, gl Leg I FIG. 2-8. Central nervous system and sources of hormones in the head and pro thorax of a hemimetabolous insect, in lateral view. The nervous system, with optic lobes (OP) cut off, resembles that of the crab (Fig. 112). In the cockroach, Leucophaea, these cells present a variety of appearances in fixed preparations (Fig. 2-2). These probably represent phases in secretion; but this has not been confirmed in the living animal. Neurosecretory cells of the brain Paired groups of neurosecretory cells are to be found in the brains of insects, as in crustaceans ; but in most insects they appear to be confined to the PROTOCEREBRUM and not to extend into other parts of the brain or optic lobes.

112 Neurosecretory systems of Crustacea There are four neurosecretory systems in crustaceans. Two of these have their nucleated cell bodies in the brain and in the optic 24 SOURCES OF KINETIC AND METABOLIC HORMONES lobes; the ends of their secreting axons are aggregated into distinct storage-and-release organs, known as the sinus gland and Hanstrom's sensory pore organ respectively. A third group of neurosecretory cell bodies has been found in (a) FIG. 2-5. 223); but the natural point of release for their secretions into the blood stream is uncertain.

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